by Seila Chiara

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"To rive" : to tear apart.
This album is about how humanity struggles to live together, be thoughtful and responsible. It's about many different aspects of our lives, like how we're destroying our own home, about divorce, the detrimental power placed in the financial system, how we have a hard time detaching ourselves from religion and beliefs, as well as accepting death and our fragile nature... All these aspects of life that agitate us and tear us apart.

Released by Tokyo Jupiter Records in Japan as a CD :
1st press (August 2011) with Japanese translations - 300 copies.

Co-released by Moment of Collapse (Germany), Communication Is Not Words (France) and Kid Sister Everything (US) as a 10" vinyl :
1st press (February 2012) with French translations and an alternative US hand-made edition - 650 copies.


released February 17, 2012

All songs written by Seila Chiara.
Guitars, Bass and Voice recorded at home by Seila Chiara.
Drums recorded at Silversheep Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Benoit Bel at Mikrokosm Recording Studios.
Artwork by Aude Lemaitre and Magali Tempère.
Alternative US hand-made artwork by Harrison Hickok.




Seila Chiara Lyon, France

So we were lonely and we made a few songs.

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Track Name: Smitten Kitten
Ire came as puzzled tears,
Unlocked the door to unlawful fears,
Surprised you into knowing you weren't
Anything else but letters burnt.

Awake like some distant revival,
You took a few steps to the end of the tunnel.
Blistered and quiet you will not,
Not once more, this mystery sought.

Little girl dancing to shrills,
Plays alone while the other kills,
So occupy these guilty hands
Hold your breath 'till your brain mends.

Let go, I say to the shield,
So strong it might never yield.
A shy voice from under the gravel
Asks again: why does love dismantle?
Track Name: Fatuity Fair
The summit's drowned in this languid run-down fog,
And we're walking and walking with our eyes drawn to this never ever seen crown,
But we won't be kings.

The vague bodies trudge along your side and you trip you're tripping stop tripping
But these obstacles are like body-mines and we set each other off like bitter-red flares,
Morse codes beyond our ken, though some just thought they were fireworks.

And we sort ourselves into senseless stocks
Since someone someday for some reason said something in cross-shaped spiels.
Track Name: The Mutiny of All Your Gestures
Your hands, your dress, such a pretty little mess,
And the way that I stumbled over your neck.
Track Name: Gaea
Devil-may-care legs bathed in your empty glass
As single malt marked your avid wavering ways.
Then you stormed on us with livid days
Of ghost-like storks and stubborn preys.

We crawled around merciless in your blackened dunes,
Searching for mercantile solutions to these ruins.
Anger built up in your half-sunk ship,
A couple of aborted half-hearted revolutions.

And while we stood there, struck by our sick absurdity,
You struck yourself and killed us all.
Track Name: White Elephants
Oh, here we are,
Funny shapes
With a social disadvantage;

I thought we were one,
But you were one,
And I was the other,
And they were the rest.
Track Name: Katie, Bar the Door
I thought you'd better know
How building ladders from everyone and everything you find
Won't get you higher,
Because as you'll eat yourself filthy rich
The weight of your arrogance will bring us down.
Oh no, now don't you go thinking you'll be spared.

And you all yelled in some hollow din
As divine digits overpowered your self-sold soul.

But kings, they always died alone,
Pissing themselves once and for all.

So save yourself,
Don't sell yourself again,
Or your desolate heart will fail.

And then you realized you had a sword around your neck
You aimed around at everyone you met.
Your cars were tanks to crush us all
And the fancier the angrier.
Friends were frames to adorn your walls
And the more the merrier,
Or so we went for.
But as you wrecked the Hesperus*
The ship you claimed to helm,
As our tethered figures dangled from its mast
And you blurted out some harrowing defense
About how you thought it was for the best,
Oh, you knew, you knew we'd pity you,
You and your genocidal profitability
You and your self-proclaimed superiority.
Track Name: Fine
And so we lifted our heads high
And drank to say goodbye to this once known sky.
And no one ever came down to save our ordinary selves,
But we didn't mind. "It's ok" we said,
With voices as bent as the future ahead.

Just don't lose me too fast.

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